Construction Management

REACON offers comprehensive construction management of the project i.e. based on the tender system, without the participation of the general contractor. The Construction Management system formula enables the client to directly control the flow of funds for completed work, reduce investment costs by the margin and the fixed costs of the general contractor, and also verify and continuously monitor the prices of materials from manufacturers and suppliers.


Services are provided on the basis of ready-made and proven procedures for the selection of individual contractors, planning, coordination of process participants and cost control. The construction manager and the client have one common business goal and also one common, mutually agreed direction with regards to the quality and profitability of the project.

Additionally, the client participates directly in the decision-making process, has influence on the selection and choice of individual subcontractors and service providers, relying on its own knowledge and experience or on the recommendations of the REACON team. The implementation of investment projects in the Construction Management system requires extensive knowledge related to the preparation and implementation of the investment process at the construction work stage. The formula requires the constant involvement, monitoring and organisation of each element with utmost care and responsibility, as well as consideration and risk assessment. The highly qualified REACON personnel will provide top quality Construction Management services, thus guaranteeing success and enhancing the prestige of the client on the property market.


REACON offers work coordination and supervision services on the construction site if the client resigns from the general contractorship formula. The work on the construction site is coordinated and supervised directly by REACON experts from the moment of selection and choice of contractors, all the way through the project implementation, until the work is accepted and settled financially.

REACON specialists supervise all the activities necessary for the successful completion of the project on time, bearing in mind the specified budget and investment standard. The whole investment process is divided into discipline-specific packages of work carried out by professional work contractors, whose qualifications are widely recognised on the market. REACON guarantees the comprehensive coordination of all the tasks of the client related directly to the construction work.


Qualified REACON staff provides full support to the client at each stage of project implementation. It also handles the preparation of the investment process, including the development of the tender procedure.

The most important objectives and the main strategy of project implementation are agreed with the client. A professional analysis and statement of basic risk factors influence the cost and time of project execution. REACON experts assist in obtaining the necessary permits, decisions or approvals required by law. They prepare the general and detailed work schedule, and divide the work into packages in accordance with the design documentation.

The tender procedure requires the collection and preparation of necessary materials for the tender. REACON has extensive experience in this respect, therefore, it guarantees the timely preparation of the complete tender procedure including the obligatory documentation for particular areas. Divisions into packages, the tender schedule, the budget taking into account the division of activities and the agreements with contractors are prepared. Then, the tender procedure is coordinated, and the bids of several specific and best contractors are recommended. The client is the one to make the final choice.


The scope of duties of REACON employees also includes participation in the preparation of the agreement concerning the performance of individual scopes of works, preparation of the back-up facilities and organisation of the construction site, as well as introduction, coordination and supervision of the tasks of the individual construction teams.

The following issues are controlled on an ongoing basis:  investment budget at the stage of concluding individual contracts, settlement of contractors and verification of progress reports on the basis of work actually completed and accepted without remarks. REACON offers full project supervision comprising, among other things, quality and progress control of the work with respect to the design, agreed schedule and investment standards. Coordination meetings are held on the basis of which relevant reports are drawn up.

REACON is involved in the cooperation with the institution that finances the project implementation. It prepares the procedures and coordinates acceptance of completed facilities and carries out the final settlement of the project.


  • agreement on the main objectives and strategies of project implementation with the client,
  • analysis and summary of major risks that may have an impact on the deadline and cost of project implementation,
  • assistance in the obtaining of the necessary decisions, permits and approvals required by law,
  • preparation of the general and detailed work schedule,
  • development of the tender procedure,
  • division of work into discipline-specific packages based on the design documentation,
  • preparation of the project’s budget taking into account the work packages,
  • preparation of the tender documentation for individual packages,
  • coordination of the tender process and recommendation of contractors,
  • participation in the preparation of the agreement for the performance of individual scopes of works,
  • preparation of the construction site and its back-up facilities,
  • introduction, coordination and supervision of the works of individual contractors,
  • holding of coordination meetings and preparation of reports,
  • project supervision – control of quality, work progress with respect to the design, standards, and agreed project implementation schedule,
  • control of the budget of the project, settlement of individual contractors, verification of progress reports,
  • cooperation with the financing institution,
  • development of monthly reports on the progress of the project implementation,
  • preparation of the facility acceptance procedure
  • coordination of the project acceptance procedure (State Fire Brigade, Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, District Construction Supervision Inspectorate),
  • final settlement of the project,
  • participation in the project acceptance procedure (State Fire Brigade, Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, District Construction Supervision Inspectorate),
  • verification of the as-built documentation, participation in the commissioning of the facility to the future property administrator,
  • support and coordination of works during the guarantee period,