REACON provides comprehensive design services for clients from various industries. REACON employs specialists with extensive experience, knowledge and practical skills. They have been successfully serving Polish and foreign companies for years. They offer preparation of conceptual, construction, tender, detailed and workshop designs. They also carry out inventories, bills of quantities, cost estimates and interior design projects..

The REACON team consists of competent, properly educated and qualified employees. They carry out all designs and projects in accordance with the current legal regulations and best building practices. During the design process, professional advice is provided with regard to the selection of appropriate solutions and materials.


REACON’s offer includes the development of conceptual designs, containing the basic elements of equipment for each interior of a building or room. The conceptual design defines the initial functional-spatial vision in the form of facility or area layouts and a description of the finishing standard of individual elements. It does not, however, contain detailed solutions, which are indicated later in the detailed design.


REACON also offers specialists in the development of tender designs, which function as a detailed description of the issues included in the construction design and conceptual design. The tender design is the basic material for conducting the tender procedure in order to select the work. The necessary documents include, among others, drawings, bills of materials, bills of quantities, cost estimates and detailed specifications of the subject of the contract.


REACON also prepares detailed designs, which contain functional diagrams of buildings and include much more detail in comparison to e.g. construction or tender design. The detailed design includes, among others, architectural plans, interior design, arrangement of walls, division of space into zones, selection of materials and colours, along with selection of lighting. The documentation covers drawings relating to various disciplines, e.g.: structures, sanitary facilities, ventilation, electrical and fire protection systems, and road design and land development plans. It also contains proposals of equipment elements and material descriptions.

The detailed design may additionally comprise: cost estimate, process design, air-conditioning design and demolition design, where necessary. Additionally, they contain characteristic details, cross sections, wall views, specifications and lists of particular elements e.g.: reinforcement, doors, windows, balustrades or other steel elements. Detailed working drawings are intended to dispel any doubts as to what the erected building is going to look like. If required, a detailed design is prepared, which is also a contractual design and constitutes an attachment to the agreement for construction works.


REACON also specialises in the comprehensive preparation of construction designs for projects of any size. Each construction design is carried out in accordance with the current requirements specified in the provisions of the Act on Building Law, arrangements of the local spatial development plan and any decisions on land development conditions.

The scope of the construction design includes the necessary documentation to obtain the valid building permit. Among the obligatory documents there is a land or plot development plan, architectural-structural design, technical design, as well as, depending on the needs: a geotechnical evaluation and design, results of geological-engineering studies, information about the area of impact of the building, and details of the geotechnical conditions of the building foundation.


The workshop design is the detailed documentation on the basis of which elements with specific dimensions and specifications are produced. Drawn up on the basis of detailed designs and physical dimensions, it provides the contractor with the basis for accurate assembly.


  • conceptual design,
  • construction design,
  • tender design,
  • detailed design,
  • workshop design,
  • inventories,
  • bills of quantities, cost estimates,
  • interior designs,
  • arrangements