Fit-out management

REACON’s offer also focuses on the coordination and management of the process of arranging turnkey office and service spaces. This is a very convenient solution for both the landlord and the tenant. More and more frequently, clients choose to manage the fit-out process externally. Fit-out Management, carried out by REACON’s specialists, facilitates the implementation of the given project in many areas. Above all, it means a smooth arranging of all the formalities: obtaining of all required decisions, approvals or opinions of services and assistance in the preparation of necessary plans and multi-discipline designs. REACON’s clients also have the guarantee that the responsibility for the project implementation will lie with qualified professionals. They do not have to look for them on their own, as REACON may share the base of contractors with a proven track record recommended by other clients.


By opting for Fit-out Management it is also possible to effectively reduce the time taken to complete the entire project. The respective tasks are carried out without undue delays, as professional coordination and supervision of the conducted work are ensured and care is taken to keep the deadlines and standards agreed with the client.

In many cases, cooperation with REACON also means real savings – assistance in the optimisation of costs is offered at each stage of the project. Work progress is reported on a regular basis, so the client always has up-to-date information on the ongoing activities. Finally, the REACON team takes care of the whole procedure related to the acceptance of the given premises, puts it into service and offers support during the guarantee period. All this to make sure that the arrangement process and the use of the property itself proceed without any complications.


  • consultancy for the preparation or implementation of a space allocation plan (Test to Fit),
  • approvals, decisions, official statements, opinions of services, etc.,
  • participation in the process of obtaining a decision on the building permit,
  • accomplishment of design objectives, preparation of construction, multi-discipline and detailed designs,
  • preparation of the preliminary work cost estimate, cost optimisation,
  • conduct of tender procedure for selection of the work contractor, negotiation of terms and conditions of the agreement, coordination and supervision of work performance,
  • coordination of work with the design engineer, client, tenant and contractor as well as holding of coordination meetings and reporting,
  • preparation and participation in the acceptance procedure, handing over the premises for use,
  • support and coordination of works during the guarantee period,



  • technical consultancy at the stage of negotiations of the rental agreement,
  • verification of the scope of works and preparation of the cost annex to the agreement between the landlord and the tenant,
  • preparation and introduction of procedures regarding the document flow, approval of the design documentation, performance of work and acceptance of completed work,
  • coordination of the work of the design engineer, client, tenant and state administration authorities,
  • supervision of the progress and quality of the work carried out,
  • acceptance and handover of rented space,
  • verification of the as-built documentation,
  • preparation and coordination of the acceptance procedure, participation in the obtaining of the occupancy permit for the premises.